Friday, September 21, 2018

Tonight, we are joined by Jon Novi. Jon Novi has three careers in music: teaching, writing, and playing.

He has taught high school band in his native Mexico City, La Grande Oregon and Lake Forest Illinois.In Chicago, he has his own private teaching and recording studio and has taught at the American Conservatory of Music, The Bloom School of Jazz, and Columbia College (eleven different subjects in music). Mr. Novi is proud to have been  on the assistant music theory faculty for four years at the University of North Texas, a world leader in jazz education.

Mr. Novi has classical, jazz, and pop music compositions to his credit and has penned the books to eighty-two bands in Chicago.

He took eight years of classical piano in Mexico before taking eight years of college in Texas, acquiring a master's in clarinet performance. He also plays saxophone, flute, electric keyboards, and he sings. He still takes lessons to this day.

In Chicago Mr. Novi has played with a huge number of bands from the Aristocats to the Zen Sitars.

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